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Planning Commission

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Home Improvement Guidelines

If you are planning to remodel or do other home improvement, here is information about how to proceed. Home improvement be be approved by the Planning Commission.

You MUST obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Village before you begin work. If your work requires a variance from zoning regulations (i.e. is closer to the property line than the code suggests), you must obtain approval from the Planning Commission. The process for obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness or variance approval is as follows:
  1. Obtain the necessary forms from the Village Clerk/Treasurer.
  2. Provide the necessary information, which includes a site plan, building plan elevations, and a narrative description of the planned work, use of materials, grading, etc.
  3. Submit the forms to the Village Clerk/Treasurer.
  4. A fee of $10.00 or $1.00 per $1000.00 dollars of construction cost (up to a maximum of $200.00) will be due with the application. The application must be submitted by the deadlines announced for the monthly Planning Commission meeting or 12 days for a Certificate Of Appropriateness and 20 days for a variance request.

    If the construction will cut into the curb, or if the exterior work exceeds $20,000.00, a $2,000.00 deposit is required before construction can begin.
The Planning Commission meets monthly, usually the second Monday of the month.

Any questions about codes, application process, or requirements for construction should be directed to the Planning Commissioner.