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Riverlea NewsDecember 2011

Reflections on Riverlea

Mary Jo Cusack photo.
Mary Jo Cusack, Mayor

Christmas decorations are beautiful. Thank you for making Riverlea so enjoyable at this season.

This is the last Reflections. It's been fun writing it, especially when something nice happens to one of our residents as it frequently does. Our former Marshal, Neil Mortine, was honored for his philanthropy with Fahlgren-Mortine by the Central Ohio Chapter of the Association of Fund Raising Professionals. Neil was honored for all the contributions to various central Ohio nonprofits. (Your Mayor has known for a long time that he has done a lot for the Columbus Symphony, among other organizations). And she was lucky to be there for the presentation because of another friend who was also honored. What a great day.

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful eight years as Mayor. And may all of you have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year

Letter from Kirk McHugh

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I would like to thank all of you for your support in the recent election. With the Worthington Annexation issue now behind us, it is time to work together as a community to generate the best feasible plan to handle our current infrastructure issues. I believe that generating a concrete and viable infrastructure plan is the number one priority facing the village in the coming years. I know that both the Village Council and myself would greatly appreciate your direct input on this key issue, as any bond that would be generated from these discussions would need to be approved by you – the voters.

My second major concern in the coming year is to begin to revamp and simplify many of the village ordinances.

Finally, I believe that we need to remain vigilant regarding the safety of our homes, property and children and work in a cooperative and constructive manner with the Worthington police to accomplish this goal. I look forward to the next four years, and hope that you will help me move the village in a positive direction during that time. Please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know your thoughts.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays.

Draft highlights from the Nov. 21, 2011 Council meeting

Annexation. Annexation with Worthington failed in Riverlea and passed in Worthington. Riverlea will not be annexed.

Olentangy watershed. Brandi Whetstone with MORPC discussed the Balanced Growth Planning in the Olentangy Watershed. See Res. No. 2011-13.

Mayor. She has the original Riverlea marker and Council agreed that the circle would be the best place to put it. Frank Pharazyn, Pharazyn Landscaping, and Andrew Cramer, Rustic Lawncare, volunteered to install the sign for free.

Marshal. Reported 234 checks with no warnings or citations issued.

Resolutions and ordinances:

Village telephone. Council discussed whether the Village needs a telephone number. The telephone is in the Mayor’s home, around $50 per month. The Mayor only receives a few calls per month but feels it is necessary. Greg Bonk suggested using Google Voice instead because it was free. The phone number could be ported to Google Voice. The Clerk-Treasurer will look into it.

Landscaping bids. Two landscaping bids were submitted: Pharazyn and Rustic Lawncare. Frank Pharazyn attended the meeting thanked Council for using his services. The second bid was submitted by Andrew Cramer with Rustic Lawncare who also attended. Council said they were satisfied with Pharazyn and voted to stay with Pharazyn Landscaping.

Block watch. There was some discussion about the Block Watch program that Worthington’s Police Chief discussed at the September Council meeting. Council will wait until the February meeting to ask interested residents to attend and discuss this.

Future appointments. McHugh said he would like all appointments to be open to everyone. He wants residents to feel they were part of the process. This does not mean that those who hold the appointments now would not be reappointed. It would allow others to come forward so Council would know that they were considering the best qualified people. Adjournment: 8:20 pm.

Moving Forward as Riverlea: Positions Available in 2012

Jon Ankrom, Council member

The ballots of last election have been cast and the decision has been made. The democratic process has spoken and we move forward as the Village of Riverlea. No matter which side YOU were on, Riverlea will continue to be self-governed and there is much work to do. We can all pitch in to make Riverlea a better place to live and leave behind for future generations.

In its 72-year history, Riverlea has been fortunate to have so many people work for the benefit of our community. The current residents serving in positions of leadership have done and still do an excellent job in their respective positions. However, Council feels it important to open these positions to anyone who would like to be considered for appointment in the coming year. The following positions will be appointed prior to January 1, 2012. Please advise Mayor-elect Kirk McHugh or council member Jon Ankrom of your interest and provide a brief summary of your qualifications for the desired position. More in-depth descriptions can be found on the Village website.

Council member. Two positions available. Members serve 4-year terms, meet monthly and serve and lead special committees as needed. Compensation is currently $450.00 per year.

Planning Commissioner. Acts as the chair of the Planning commission and leads the commission’s monthly meetings. This position is appointed by the mayor with approval by Council and serves a one-year term. Compensation is currently $1,800.00 per year.

Planning Commission members. Reviews and hears testimony on upcoming homeowner Certificate of Appropriateness and property building standards. One or two positions of the Planning Commission are appointed each year. Members serve as volunteers and currently receive no compensation. They serve for three years; terms are staggered so that all the commission is not replaced in the same year.

Web Manager. Maintains the Village website, posting monthly Council meeting content and providing information to website visitors as needed. This position is appointed by Council annually. Compensation is currently $1,000 per year.

Newsletter Editor. Collects pertinent information and maintains and publishes 12 Newsletters per year. Also publishes the Riverlea Directory. Compensation is currently $150.00 per published Newsletter.

Village Marshal. Acts as the liaison between the Worthington Police Department and the Village. Is also responsible for being the contact person for the Village in case of emergency and establishes communication with residents and the Council on matters of safety and security. This position is appointed by the mayor with Council approval. Compensation is currently $850.00 per year.

Non-appointed/volunteer positions
Grant researchers, levy planners and workers for the betterment of Riverlea. Anyone can get involved and act as a volunteer to help in some way. Please plan to attend meetings of the Village to stay informed and serve our community.

Act now For more detailed information on these positions or if you are interested in serving, contact Kirk McHugh or Jon Ankrom. Submit a letter of interest/resume to Mayor-elect Kirk McHugh, 275 W. Southington by December 31, 2011; or submit electronically to kmchugh@riverleaohio.com

This and that

Trash Collection Schedule

Regular Riverlea collection day is Monday. Local Waste Services observes six holidays. If the holiday falls on Monday, collection is the next day of that week. The holiday schedule follows:

2011 'Holiday' Trash Collection Day

New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Monday, 1-3-2011
Tuesday, 5-31-2011 (Note Day Change)
Tuesday, 7-5-2011 (Note Day Change)
Tuesday, 9-6-2011 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 11-28-2011
Tuesday, 12-27-2011(Note Day Change)

Mark your 2012 calendar for our Village Council Meetings

All scheduled 2012 Village Council meeting dates and locations are available on the Council Meeting Schedule

See Residents Home page for more calendar items

Villagers may place classified ads. Professional services ads are not accepted. Ads must be of reasonable length; they are edited as needed to fit the space. Letters should be no more than about 200 words and must be signed. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Please submit electronically or by mail to News Editor, 263 Melbourne, or RiverleaNews@riverleaohio.com
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