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Riverlea NewsFebruary 2010

Reflections on Riverlea

Mary Jo Cusack photo.
Mary Jo Cusack, Mayor

Council. The January meeting saw the swearing in of our new Council members and Council President. Jon Ankrom, Briggs Hamor, Eric MacGilvray and Dan Noonan were sworn in as Council members; Kirk McHugh was sworn in as Council President. Congratulations to all. And Resolutions of Appreciation were passed for retiring Council members John McAlearney, Jack Schaer, Renee Shannon, Rod Tettenhorst, and Paul Zenisek, Planning Commission Members Keith Beachler and Jody Croley Jones, and Marshal Neil Mortine.

Watershed planning. Jerry Tinianow, Director of MORPC Center for Energy and Environment, presented information on the Watershed Plan. Since this impacts our residents along the river, many questions were asked. Council did agree to participate in the meetings and your Mayor will attend.

Power outages. The power outage was the result of a tree branch coming down east of Riverlea. It was agreed that the Mayor would pursue this further.

Police liaison. Our new liaison with the Worthington Police is Lt. James Mosic. He and our Marshal, Kent Shimeall, will work together. If you have any concerns about minor violations of the law, please contact Kent. We also encourage you to call the Worthington Police immediately if you see any suspicious persons. Neighbors are great, but the police are trained to deal with suspicious persons.

Report of Cut-Through Committee. Cathy Candisky and Laura Bischoff reported for the Cut-Through Committee, of which Dan Sinclair was also a member. They presented a comprehensive report which can be found on the Web site. Thanks to all of them for the time spent in gathering all the information which went into this report.

Historic minutes on the Web site. It is a bit premature, but thanks to Pam Colwell who has scanned all of our old Minutes for placement on the Web site. This was a huge undertaking and we very much appreciate it. And thanks to Jody Croley Jones who is in the process of getting the minutes on the Web site. If you find the time, they are very interesting reading.

We want to extend condolences to the family and friends of long time resident Fran Feldmiller, a special friend who added so much to Riverlea. I'll miss seeing her as she tended her garden and at Saturday coffee.

Until the next Newsletter, enjoy St. Valentine's Day - and hopefully-better weather.

Highlights from the January 19, 2010 Council meeting

Jon L. Ankrom, Briggs W. Hamor, Eric A. MacGilvray and Daniel W. Noonan were sworn in. Their terms will be from January 2010 through December 2013. Kirk M. McHugh was elected Council President Pro Tem. Jerry Tinianow, the Director for MORPC Center for Energy and Environment, discussed The Olentangy River Watershed Balanced Growth Planning Partnership which makes recommendations and not mandatory requirements. There must be 75% approval by population, land and jurisdiction in order for the Balanced Growth Plan to be endorsed. Each jurisdiction has one vote. Twenty of 25 jurisdictions have joined the Partnership and it has been reopened to those who declined. February 10, 2010 is the initial meeting and he is asking the Village to participate or come to listen.

Residents questioned Tinianow about FLOW; he said FLOW has no jurisdiction and no vote. The Partnership decides on the issues. There was some discussion regarding property rights, but Tinianow repeated that the Partnership made only recommendations and jurisdictions would not be penalized for failing to implement them. If you have a vote, you are taken more seriously. The cost to the Village is just time – one person to attend meetings. The meetings will be open to the public.

The minutes of the Dececember 21 meeting were approved, as was payment of bills and financial reports for the month. The Mayor reminded everyone that infrastructure needs to be updated and that the Village was under a mandate to do so. The recent power outage was caused by a tree. PUCO had told AEP to keep the trees trimmed. Two deer hit by cars on High Street. She reminded everyone to be careful but nothing can be done with the deer problem. We all have to be alert and live with the wildlife. She included information about the Worthington Citizen's Police Academy and said it is a very worthwhile course. The Solicitor reported there is a pending motion in the Brogan litigation.

The Planning Commissioner reported one application for a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new house which was tabled a second time for more information. Residents who want to put up solar panels will need to come before the Planning Commission.

The Street Commissioner distributed information about a possible surcharge on water bills for future water line maintenance. He calculated the average surcharge per quarter per residence could be approximately $10. Council will look into it. He also distributed information concerning the sanitary lift station flow monitor and alarm. The new sewer being built is lower and it gives us the opportunity to connect to Worthington's system and remove the lift station, but that is still years away. In the meantime we need to monitor overflows. For about $5,000 we could get a monitor and alarm. After the first year there would be an annual fee for the monitoring of around $400. A motion to authorize $5,000 to purchase the monitor was tabled for Council to review further.

The Marshal met with Lt. Mosic of the Worthington Police. The Mayor will invite him to the next Council meeting. The Marshal expressed his concern to Lt. Mosic that the police were driving through the Village too fast to see anything. The police report was routine: 275 checks. The Marshal has contacted some residents regarding sign ordinance violations; they were responsive.

Cathy Candisky and Laura Bischoff reported on the cut through that was closed permanently. Neither party wants to sell a portion of their property for a pathway. There are really no other good locations for public access. Worthington may want sidewalks along Evening Street if a formal pathway is built and would want the Village to pay for them. The Committee would like a long-term solution. They feel this is a safety issue. Council discussed the costs and ramifications of taking private property. The cost would be fair market value for the land plus the damage to the remainder of the property. Some Council members were against taking private property. Others wanted to survey residents. There was also some discussion about another cut through to the east that was being utilized now, and they will look into it as a possible short-term solution.

Noonan moved that the Village to participate with neighboring governments and with the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission to discuss and create a balanced growth plan for the Olentangy River Watershed; motion carried.

Noonan would like to form a group to discuss communications within the Village regarding current information, problems, public input, etc. He wants to include residents in the discussion instead of just Village officials. The Web Manager noted there were legal concerns with using the Internet and the Village's web site. The Mayor pointed out that the costs needed to be determined upfront, too. The Mayor asked that Noonan meet with the Web Manager, Newsletter Editor and the Clerk-Treasurer to explore what was possible, the legal issues involved and the costs that may be associated with types of communication before forming a resident committee.

Noonan reported that the draft of the records retention schedule was distributed to Council for their review. The Committee still needs to approve it. Then it will be sent to the Ohio Historical Society for its review and they will forward to the State Auditor for their approval or disapproval. Council also received a draft of the Public Records Policy. It provides the definitions and procedures for record management. Council will need to adopt it after they review and approve it.

Ordinances/resolutions read and/or approved/disapproved:

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm.

In memory of

Residents were saddened to learn of the death of Frances Morrison Feldmiller, January 15, 2010 at her home in Oakwood, Ohio with her family and friends at her side. She was a long-time Riverlea resident (formerly at 5778 Olentangy Blvd). She was an avid gardener, also a volunteer advocate and member of many civic organizations. Fran was a registered Medical Technologist and Certified Legal Assistant; she was employed by the Franklin County Treasures Office as a Deputy Treasurer. Survivors include daughter, Victoria Ann Nikoncyk (Thomas M.) of Winter Park, Florida; son, David Scott and three grandchildren. A memorial service was held January 23, 2010, 11:30 am. at the Worthington Methodist Church.

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