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Riverlea NewsFebruary 2012

Mayor's Corner

Kirk McHugh
Kirk McHugh.

Village administration. We held our first council meeting of the year on January 17. With several openings to fill, we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout of volunteers. We had five candidates for the two open council seats - Scott Gordon, Jenny Jones, Jacalyn Slemmer, Christopher Bedell and Marc Benevento. They were all extremely qualified candidates who had a real desire to help Riverlea by serving as a council member. After introductions, council chose two members: Scott Gordon, who had served on council in the past and was an active member of the Annexation Commission, and Jenny Jones, a new resident of the village in 2009 who has an excellent background in fiscal management/budgeting. Congrats to the new council members. In addition, we filled all the other openings in the village administration.

Sewers. Burgess and Niple (village engineers) have completed their review of the sewers. Although things are not as bad as they could be after 60 years, some major problems will need to be addressed in the coming 1-10 years. A sag in the sewer line along Olentangy will need repair in the near future (cost of ~$90,000). Several years down the road (possibly during street repairs) the majority of the sewer line along Olentangy will need to be lined (cost of ˜$170,000) followed by spot repairs along Riverglen Drive and Southington Avenue (cost of ˜$40,000). Finally, at some point in the distant future, we will need to line the sewer along a stretch of Southington Avenue (cost of ˜$140,000).

Since many of these repairs can be staged across 3-10 years, we hope to pay for them from village funds and grants in a staggered fashion. Even so, the total cost to update our sewers is projected to run ~$440,000 over the next 3-10 years.

Thanks again to Burgess and Niple and Bill Charles (Riverlea Street Commissioner) for doing an excellent job in meeting the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requirements for a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey.

In the coming month, we plan to seat two major village committees: a Committee on Infrastructure and a Committee on Ordinances.

As your mayor, I would like to ask for 2 or more village volunteers to sit on each of these committees with members of your village administration. In this manner, each volunteer will have direct input into the development of both our infrastructure and ordinance goals in the coming years. Please help us help you by volunteering.

Draft highlights from the Jan. 17, 2012 Council meeting

Clerk-Treasurer. Asked council to appoint the Records Retention Commission by motion to authorize the disposal of records to comply with the Records Retention Schedule. Council appointed the Solicitor, Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer and Ankrom to the Records Retention Commission.

Mayor. Will use the free Google Voice phone number 614-547-3037 for village business. The number will be published on the web site and in the Riverlea News.
A resident filed a complaint with the EPA regarding Riverlea's sewers. The village is currently addressing these issues with the EPA. The Mayor will enter into discussions with Worthington on the possible installation of a sound barrier along State Route 315 north. He would like to ask residents if anyone has some electrical expertise to repair/replace the two entrance flood lights. Anyone interested should contact him to discuss the details.

Marshal. Reported there were 298 checks with no warnings or citations issued.

Street Commissioner. Jim Dippel, Burgess & Nipel, discussed the draft of the executive summary of the SSES report distributed to council; he will submit the report by the end of January. It gives recommendations regarding repairs and it also recommends some additional field work. It was hard to estimate additional costs without additional testing. The EPA Findings and Orders do not have a timeline for repairs but they should be done in a reasonable time.

Web Manager. Reported the most popular page is recently added meeting notes.


Solicitation law. The Mayor asked council if they wanted to review the solicitation law. He believes there is no way to enforce this law. The Clerk-Treasurer said it needs to be clearer on who needs a permit and who does not. There are also limitations on how much municipalities can restrict political, religious and non-profit soliciting. The Solicitor suggested waiting until a district court decision has been made regarding a solicitation case. He also asked council to decide what they want to accomplish with this law and what activities they want to restrict.

Committee on Infrastructure. The Mayor stated that it was his goal to get residents involved in our community. He would like to establish a committee consisting of three officials and two or more residents. They would establish graded infrastructure plans with financially graded plans. They would then report to Council. The Mayor would establish a core group and advertise to get additional resident participation. He suggested the Street Commissioner, MacGilvray and Hamor for the Village officials. Jacalyn Slemmer volunteered to serve. The Solicitor suggested waiting until the next Council meeting so that a resolution could be adopted that formalized these committees.

Committee on Ordinances. The Mayor would like to establish a Committee on Ordinances to review the current ordinances. He suggested the Planning Commissioner, Gordon and Jenny Jones and two residents on this committee. We will advertise to get additional resident participation. Residents can contact him if they are interested. The Mayor will formally appoint the committee at the next Council meeting. Adjournment: 8:40 pm.

2012 Village of Riverlea Administration

Kirk McHugh
Eric MacGilvray
Council President
Jon Ankrom
Council Member
Scott Gordon
Council Member
Don Griffiths
Council Member
Jenny Jones
Council Member
Briggs Hamor
Council Member
Pam Colwell
Lois Yoakam
Newsletter Editor/Phonebook
Jody Croley Jones
Web Manager
Bill Charles
Street Commissioner
Mike Jones
Planning Commissioner/Chair
Karen McElmurray
Don McCarthy
Planning Commission Member
Bryce Jacob
Planning Commission Member
Lisa Morris
Planning Commission Member
Jo Ann Bierman
Planning Commission Member

Riverlea needs you

The mayor would like to involve residents to make sure Riverlea is meeting the needs of villagers. Please help out if you can.

Meet new neighbors

The Mehl family

Ann and Ryan Mehl, 275 Riverglen, moved here recently. Their family includes Weston (16 months) and one on the way in June. Their interests include: running, traveling, and being outdoors. They formerly lived in Grandview.

They moved to Riverlea because we wanted a bigger home for their growing family and loved the area. They like being able to walk to the Farmer's market and other places in uptown Worthington.

The Miller family

Ted and Fran Miller and daughter Elena (9) and daughter Olivia (11) and our dog Tammy have moved to 5920Olentangy. Olivia is at Evening Street and loves it. Elena is finishing this year at Clintonville Academy and will attend Evening Street next year. They love the outdoors and all the opportunities to enjoy nature in Riverlea.

They moved to Riverlea from Clintonville for the schools, the space and the opportunities mentioned plus the ability to walk to dinner, schools, library and more downtown. The kids are looking forward to meeting kids in the area. Fran plays soccer and coaches their youngest. Ted works at Boehringer-Ingelheim Laboratories; Fran is just starting a job at PharmaForce. They will be in their yard a lot so stop and say hi.

One thing they love is how welcomed they have felt in Riverlea.

Jenny D. Jones, new council member

Meet Jenny D. Jones, 5781 Crescent Court, your new council member. Jenny works at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Assistant Deputy Director of Fiscal Administration as a project manager. Prior to that, she was employed at the Office of Budget and Management as a budget analyst and at Florida State University as a Project Manager. She has more than 20 years' experience with budgeting, fiscal analysis and project management.

Jenny holds a Masters degree in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University; a Masters degree in Southeast Asian Studies, the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and a Bachelor's degree in International Affairs from George Washington University.

A job offer from OSU more than 11 years ago brought Jenny and her family here. Jenny's husband of 17 years, Joshua Hawley, is an Associate Professor at OSU in a joint appointment with the College of Education and the John Glenn School of Public Affairs. They have two wonderfully talented daughters, Callie and Eliza, and two less talented dogs. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys reading, yoga, and sharing a good meal with friends.

Upon her selection, Jenny said, "I am honored and excited to be selected to serve on the Village Council. If our community is to thrive, we need to be open to all points of view. So I hope to hear from you."

In memory of

Helen Marie Janssen, age 91, (former village resident) passed away Thursday, January 19, 2012. She is survived by her loving husband of 67 years, Harold Janssen, Worthington; children, Jeanette (Randy) Grimes of Pickerington, Eileen (Stephen) Benedict of Pataskala and Don (Debbie) Janssen of Delaware; and many grandchildren. After WWII ended, Helen and Hal moved to Ohio and later to Worthington where they resided for 52 years. Her life was celebrated on January 23, 2012, at North Community Lutheran Church. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to North Community Lutheran Church or Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Dr. Robert Ward Ranck, DDS, 5743 Olentangy Blvd., age 90, passed away Tuesday, February 2, 2012, with all his family present. He is survived by his loving wife of 49 years, 8 months, Sue Anne Shook Ranck and five children, Christine Lois Ranck (Rich), NYC; Stephen Paul Ranck (Jane), Plain City; Dr. Susan Tikson (Scott), DDS; Gregory Jenkins Ranck, Seattle, WA; and Richard Willson Ranck (Rachel) and many grandchildren. Bob was a Captain WWII and received the Bronze Star. He was a member of the OSU Symphonic Band among many other bands. He was a 1950 graduate of the OSU College of Dentistry and had a private practice Clintonville and Worthington. A memorial service was held February 4, 2012 at Grace Brethren Church of Columbus. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Wounded Warrior Program.

Frank A. Teach, age 80, 247 West Southington, January 16, 2012. Survived by loving wife, Ann Ries Teach of 57 years; brother, Robert R. Teach and many nephews and nieces. He was a proud Navy Seabee, MCB5. "Teach" loved his Ford Lightning Truck, the Corvette, NASCAR, travel, boating on the Ohio River and his many friends. Life member International Union of Operating Engineers District 3 (known as Mr. Flexible since he could operate any type of heavy equipment). Services with Navy Honor Guard were held at Union Cemetery on Saturday, January 21, 2012. Contributions may be sent to Riverside Hospice in his memory.

A note from Dr. Tsai's family

The following note was received from Sheila Whincup, daughter of former residents, Dr. and Mrs. Tsai,

My late parents, Shaling and Dr. Thomas Tsai, enjoyed living in Riverlea from 1967 until their deaths in 1991 and 2011, respectively. I would like to express our family's gratitude for the kindness of their neighbors and for the beautiful and pleasant village you have built. My parents' long-time helper, Priscilla Lin, has moved to be with her daughter and family in Michigan, and would also like to say thank you and farewell to all.


To Bryn Sowash, daughter of Bradley Sowash and Susan Hadley, 94 West Riverglen. In June, Bryn will join 33 other cyclists for a cross-country ride, helping to build houses along the way. Her ride is part of Bike and Build, an organization which raises funds and awareness for affordable housing.

Heads up

From Greg Bonk: My wife had something (not valuable) taken out of her car and dumped on the lawn across the street. She noted the footsteps in the frost basically going from door to door. This is the 3rd time that we know of someone doing this to us in the last 2 years. It seems like a regular thing this or (these) guys do.

Trash Collection

Regular Riverlea collection day is Monday. Local Waste Services observes six holidays. Local Waste Services now has a contact person for residents' questions regarding trash, yard waste and recycling pickup. Local Waste Services Guidelines are available [pdf] or contact Eric DeHays, Municipal Account Manager, at 614 348-3403 for any questions.


Trash collection day is on Monday. If a holiday falls on Monday, collection is the next day. The holiday schedule is published below:

2017 'Holiday' Trash Collection Day

New Years Day
Memorial Day (5-29-2017)
July 4
Labor Day (09-04-2017)
Thanksgiving Day (11-23-2017)
Christmas Day / New Years 2018
Monday, 01-02-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 05-30-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 07-03-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 09-05-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 11-20-2017 & Monday, 11-27-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 12-26-2016 / Tuesday, 01-02-2018 (Note Day Changes)

Service Guidelines

Mark your 2012 calendar for our Village Council Meetings

All scheduled 2012 Village Council meeting dates and locations are available on the Council Meeting Schedule

See Residents Home page for more calendar items

Villagers may place classified ads. Professional services ads are not accepted. Ads must be of reasonable length; they are edited as needed to fit the space. Letters should be no more than about 200 words and must be signed. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Please submit electronically or by mail to News Editor, 263 Melbourne, or RiverleaNews@riverleaohio.com
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