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Riverlea NewsJuly 2012

Mayor's Corner

Kirk McHugh
Kirk McHugh.

Power outages

The recent power outages posed a significant problem for everyone in our area including the residents of Riverlea. The "main circuit" was back operational within 24 hours after the storm hit on Friday, June 29, which is pretty good service by my standards. Unfortunately, the Village had several pockets of homes that had "local damage" to the lines and did not receive power until much later in the week. I know that a transformer blew behind Scott Gordon's house (Pioneers Court) with the initial power restoration surge. I believe this is the second time this has happened, and the Village will be looking into the reason why. I believe Riverglen's problem involved limbs and downed lines, which crews were working on July 4.

Report outages

. Just so everyone understands, the Village has no "special" authority when calling AEP. It is important for individual homeowners to call AEP and alert them to power outages, especially when they are due to local damage (i.e., your neighbors seem to have power, but you don't). Be assured, as mayor, I also placed several calls to AEP to discuss the outages, but I really received no additional information other than what was released by AEP to the local news. The amazing thing is that the Village just had all of our trees trimmed along the power lines, so I can only imagine what it might have looked like if that work had not been done earlier this spring.

Dangers of storms

. So that residents understand the potential danger of these storms, we had two vehicles severely damaged by falling limbs. One of these vehicles was actually moving when the limb fell and crushed the backseat and trunk area. The second car was parked in a driveway. I was also told that a dog was killed by a falling limb while out the yard. These examples demonstrate the dangers associated with these types of storms, and in many ways we are lucky no individuals were seriously injured.

Deer problems

Regarding deer complaints. I called the county; here is a list of their suggestions:
  1. Build 10-12 foot fences, which is not within the Village code nor very practical.
  2. Employ scare tactics, which would involve individuals purchasing devices that either shock or spray water when deer touch or approach respectively.
  3. Only plant things that deer don't like to eat. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a website and suggested list for you to view.
  4. Hunt and kill the deer in the Village. For this to be successful, the Village would have to maintain on ongoing kill cycle where 50-60% of the deer are killed with a need to kill over 75% of female deer. This can be done using county sharpshooters or bow hunters. This process can take up to 3-5 years to get set up and running. Similar programs are used in some Metro Parks, Gahanna, Newark and Groveport with SOME success.
I personally do not want to start killing deer in the Village of Riverlea. Considering the fact that we live on the river corridor, I would assume additional deer would move in about as fast as we killed them. Believe me, I no longer have any light-green hostas in my yard and my dog had a very animated fight with a very large doe that had just given birth to a fawn in my pine forest (Southington and Dover Court). Together (yes, I helped and if you happened to be passing by, I am sure both Dempsey and I looked a bit comical), we were eventually able to chase the doe and fawn out of our yard. So, I am keenly aware of the problem, but just do not see a reasonable way that the Village can respond to this particular issue.

If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to contact me, post them in the newsletter, send them to the webmaster, or attend the next council meeting in August and share them with us.

July 4 picnic items

The following items were left at the Riverlea July 4 picnic. They can be picked up at 275 W. Southington any time. They will be placed in the breezeway between the house and garage or you can ring the door bell. They are: (1) Large tan plastic tupperware bowl and lid. (2) Medium sized glass casserole dish and lid with Christmas pad around base. (3) Pink zippy cup.

Draft highlights from the June Council meeting

Mayor. Reported receiving calls for information on our waste company, bins, etc. and will have the Web Manager put this up on the website. The Riverlea Fun Run was a success and he thanked the planners and participants. He has contacted Iron Grill BBQ & Brew (formerly Pig Iron) for quotes on barbecue meat for the July 4 picnic; they have offered free buns with purchase. Received complaints about deer damage and fear of lyme disease. The ticks for lyme disease are everywhere and not just on the deer. He will contact ODNR (Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources) for suggestions.

The Committees on Infrastructure, Ordinances, and Comunications presented reports. (see below)

Resolution No. 2012-06, to Request the Franklin County Budget Commission to Grant the 0.65 Mills in Available Inside Millage to the Village of Riverlea, Ohio; suspended the third reading and the resolution was approved.

Ordinance No. 03-2012, An Ordinance to Modify Restrictions on Uninvited Peddlers and Solicitors, first reading. Council agreed with the Committee on Ordinances that this ordinance addressed the problems of the current ordinance.

Expenses authorized: Radico invoice for lift station float repair $457.62; Waterworks for hydrant repair $746.58. There will be no meeting in July. Adjournment: 8:12 pm.

Committee on Infrastructure Update, Briggs Hamor Chair

See Committee reports
Research into loans and bonds will be put on hold so the Committee can focus on grants and government funding. By mid-September they must submit an OPWC grant application and will ask Burgess & Niple to assist since they have experience in this. The Street Commissioner estimated Burgess & Niple services will cost about $5,000 for this help.

Motor vehicle license tax increase. The Committee would like Council request an additional $5 motor vehicle license tax because it would add points to the application. The applications score points for meeting certain criteria and the committee would hate to lose a grant by a few points. This is a street permissive tax and could only be used on street maintenance and repairs. Next meeting: August 2, 2012, 7:30 pm.

Committee on Ordinances Update, Jenny Jones, Chair

See Committee reports
The committee reviewed Chapter 111, Peddlers and Solicitors ordinances, in light of recent court decisions and past experience with permits. Recent court decisions have removed many restrictions on people going door to door and Council does not want the Village to be liable. The permits were not only an administrative burden on the Clerk-Treasurer but may also have given residents the impression that the solicitor/peddler had been "vetted" by the Village as reputable, which was not the case. The Committee feels that residents are better served by posting a "No Peddlers or Solicitors" sign near their door if they do not want them knocking. Residents are free to not answer the door or to say no. There are penalties for not respecting do not knock signs; residents should call the police, not Village officials.

Committee on Communications Update, Jon Ankrom, Chair

See Committee reports
The committee is focusing on improving the website and newsletter. They are asking Council to offer suggestions for improvement of the website. A resident has set up a Riverlea Facebook page that is not affiliated with the government of the Village. Pattie Charles has volunteered to help with a public relations campaign for the Newsletter.

Welcome to the Village

In memoriam Sammy Betts

Sharon Ann Martin Betts, a former Riverlea resident known to friends and family as Sami Betts, age 70, died May 27, 2012. She was active in many arts organizations. A Celebration of Life ceremony will be held in September.

This and that

Trash Collection

Regular Riverlea collection day is Monday. Local Waste Services observes six holidays. Local Waste Services now has a contact person for residents' questions regarding trash, yard waste and recycling pickup. Local Waste Services Guidelines are available [pdf] or contact Eric DeHays, Municipal Account Manager, at 614 348-3403 for any questions.


Trash collection day is on Monday. If a holiday falls on Monday, collection is the next day. The holiday schedule is published below:

2017 'Holiday' Trash Collection Day

New Years Day
Memorial Day (5-29-2017)
July 4
Labor Day (09-04-2017)
Thanksgiving Day (11-23-2017)
Christmas Day / New Years 2018
Monday, 01-02-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 05-30-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 07-03-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 09-05-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 11-20-2017 & Monday, 11-27-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 12-26-2016 / Tuesday, 01-02-2018 (Note Day Changes)

Service Guidelines

Mark your 2012 calendar for our Village Council Meetings

All scheduled 2012 Village Council meeting dates and locations are available on the Council Meeting Schedule

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Villagers may place classified ads. Professional services ads are not accepted. Ads must be of reasonable length; they are edited as needed to fit the space. Letters should be no more than about 200 words and must be signed. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Please submit electronically or by mail to News Editor, 263 Melbourne, or RiverleaNews@riverleaohio.com
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