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Riverlea NewsJune 2010

Reflections on Riverlea

Mary Jo Cusack photo.
Mary Jo Cusack, Mayor

Thank you to

We really appreciate the contributions they have made to the Village and wish them the best for the future. We also hope they will stay in touch.

Budget. The budget will be presented at the June 21 meeting. Burgess and Niple have submitted their plan for our infrastructure, streets and curbs for 2010; costs will be substantial and will reduce the balance Riverlea usually has on hand to approximately $200,00.00. This is less than one year's expenses to operate the Village.

Cut-through. Lt. James Mosic of the Worthington Police Department gave an outstanding presentation of Safe Routes to School. He will be happy to work with us to teach safety information and to find safe ways for children to get to school. Briggs Hamor, Dan Noonan, and your Mayor will work with him.

A resolution taking a position against eminent domain was introduced and read for the first time at the May 17 meeting. The full resolution is on our Web site. Eric McGilvray is working with MIG to determine if a strip of land can be purchased east of 142 West Riverglen for a cut through. This could be purchased by the Village or by a group of residents.

Picnic. The Sunday July 4 picnic will be 2:30 pm at the Circle. Pat Anderson has requested that teens/ pre-teens interested in helping with the games contact her. Be sure to come and visit with your neighbors.

Flags. A number of flags disappeared after Memorial Day. If you have them, please return them to Diane Hitt, 223 Southington. If you would like to contribute flags, please check our Web site. Diane, who started the flag program years ago, would like a volunteer to replace her. Please contact the Mayor to volunteer to put the flags up and take them down.

July 4 picnic, 2:30 pm, on the Circle

The Sunday July 4 picnic will be held on the Circle at 2:30 pm. Bring a dish to share, drinks, plates, silverware, and napkins. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be furnished. Tim O'Connor will entertain us with his guitar. Please contact Pat Anderson, Pam Colwell or the Mayor to help with children's games.

Highlights from the February 16, 2010 Council meeting

The minutes of the April Council meeting were approved as was payment of bills. The Mayor reported a number of Planning Commission issues. There are several issues at 4803 Dover Court. The previous Council wanted the owner to comply or they would go to court to seek compliance. The Solicitor advised it might be better to wait until the new Council is in office before pursuing compliance. When asked their views, Council wanted all the facts and wanted the owner to go back to the Commission for approval of changes. Worthington and Council have agreed that the Village will join the Hi Neighbor event.

The Mayor met with Matt Greeson, Worthington City Manager, on topics such as making South Street safer. At meetings on the watershed she attends, a canoe ride on the river was discussed. A resident on Olentangy Blvd. invited everyone to use her place to get to the river and that there was plenty of parking on Olentangy Blvd. The Mayor said it was her understanding that the neighbors did not want this. Maybe it would be a good idea to get the people on the river together again to see if their views have changed.

The Village has the authority to negotiate to buy a house; the Solicitor is looking for a way the Village can sell the property other than public bidding. He prepared a resolution to express intent to not use eminent domain. The Marshal met with the builder on Pioneers Court regarding lack of fencing around the excavating hole, street debris and mud. The builder refused to comply with the fencing; he said it would interfere with construction. The Marshal will contact him again. The resident with the POD on Olentangy Blvd. was not aware of the Village ordinance she needed approval to keep the POD over 30 days. Council discussed ways to get the code information to residents. The New Neighbor brochure may need updating. The Marshal is resigning at the end of May because he is moving.

MacGilvray met with MORPC regarding funding options for street, water and sewer repairs. There are no Federal stimulus funds at the village level. We would have a better chance with the Small Government Commission for municipalities with a population under 5,000. He recommends that a team of the Street Comissioner, an engineer from Burgess & Niple and a member of Council work on this per the Street Evaluation Improvement Program timeline.

Cut-through. MacGilvray contacted the attorney for MIG Properties to discuss resolution. He was told there was nothing to negotiate because the property was for sale. He met with the owners at 156 W. Riverglen Dr. who do not want a cut-through on their property. Eminent domain is buying property when the owner does not wish to sell. However, the MIG property is for sale. One option could be to negotiate a fair price to buy it, put in a pathway and then sell the property with the hope of recovering most of the purchase price. Hamor's research on acquisition expenses was cursory. An appraiser said to double everything if you pursue two properties. He thought the bottom line would be $50,000 and would only go up from there. That would be if everything went smoothly and was not contested. This does not include eminent domain costs which would be much greater.

Lt. Mosic discussed a program called Safe Routes to School administered by the Federal Highway Administration to improve health, safety and transportation by encouraging walking and bicycling to school. Children face the greatest risks by those who drop them off/pick them up from school. With this program the community examines and addresses safety issues. He would like a neighborhood meeting to gather input. Noonan and Hamor volunteered to work on this. In the Village the people cited for speeding, etc., are residents, not outsiders.

Resident's comments on agenda items. One resident spoke about her concern regarding the petition for the cut-through. Private property should be respected; streets should be the number one priority for money. Another resident believed the cut-through is a safety issue. He felt that not all of the options have been investigated and wants more investigation. He does not want anything taken off the table before this is done, including eminent domain.

Resolution No. 2010-17, A Resolution to Express the Intent of Village Council Regarding a Certain Appropriation Proposal. First Reading. Gordon said eminent domain is not feasible and would not prevail, so it is better to take that option off the table. Some believe this is the right course of action. Others disagree. (see minutes for extended discussion). McHugh suggested an alternative is to work with Worthington to improve the sidewalks along High Street for safety or consider crossing guards. Taking the long way around is inconvenient, but if children they can do so safely, then it resolves the conflict. We need to make a decision and move on.

Payment of bills: Mayor's Conference $140; July 4th picnic $1500; Quickbooks Pro $200; Burgess & Niple $553.45 and $705.24; Gayle Gottlieb (Easter egg hunt) $34.24.

Money for water and sewer repairs will not be put into a separate fund, but will be allocated each year to cover unexpected repairs. Adjournment: 9:30 pm.

Happy birthday, Dr. Tsai

Long-time resident Dr. Thomas Tsai, a noted psychiatrist, 275 W. Riverglen, recently celebrated his 100th birthday. Daughter Sheila and son David, who both live out of state, were here to join in the celebration.

This and that

Welcome to the Village

Wants work

Kelsey McHugh, a recent graduate of Miami University and a soon-to-be med student at OSU, is a 21 year-old who would love to baby-sit, do yard work, or care for pets over the next couple of months! Here are the dates she is available; please, don't be afraid to call last-minute: June 17 - June 18; June 21 - June 24; July 14 - July 23; July 26 - August 9. Kelsey McHugh Cell: 614-638-0297, Email: mchughke22@gmail.com

2010 Trash Collection Schedule

Regular Riverlea collection day is Monday. Local Waste Services observes six holidays. If the holiday falls on Monday, collection is the next day of that week. The holiday schedule follows:

2010 Trash Collection Day

New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Monday, 1-4-2010
Tuesday, 5-25-2010 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 7-5-2010
Tuesday, 9-7-2010 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 11-29-2010
Monday, 12-27-2010

Mark your 2010 calendar for our Village Council Meetings

All scheduled 2010 Village Council meeting dates and locations are available on the Council Meeting Schedule

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