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Riverlea NewsJune 2012

Mayor's Corner

Kirk McHugh
Kirk McHugh.

What is inside millage? Well, property taxes are computed in mills, which is 1/1000 (0.001) and therefore one mill costs a property owner $1.00 for every $1,000 of taxable home value. In Ohio, there is “inside millage” and “outside millage

Why does all of this matter to Riverlea? Well, at present, the various government entities that provide services in Riverlea have claimed 9.35 of the 10 mills of inside millage, only 2.0 mills of which goes directly to Riverlea's General Fund. Here is an exact breakdown of where our inside millage is going:
  1. Franklin County General Funds
    2.35 mills
  2. Sharon Township Cemetery Fund
    0.50 mills
  3. Worthington City School District General Fund
    4.50 mills
  4. Riverlea General Fund
    2.00 mills
    Current Total Mills Utilized
    9.35 mills
As you can see, if we are allocated 10.00 mills by the state and are currently only utilizing 9.35 mills, that leaves 0.65 mills unclaimed inside millage.
Current Total Mills Allowed
10.00 mills
Current Total Mills Utilized
-9.35 mills
Current Remaining Mills Not Utilized
0.65 mills

Since other government entities including Franklin County, Sharon Township and the Worthington Board of Education have the ability to claim the unutilized 0.65 mills of Riverlea's inside millage at any time, Council and I believe that it is in Riverlea's best interest to request that remaining 0.65 mills of inside millage be allocated to Riverlea's General Fund. This would make the total inside millage directly collected by Riverlea 2.65 mills. In this way, the monies collected will come directly back to the village, thereby helping us to continue to fund Riverlea in the coming years.

This modest 0.65 mill increase will result in approximately $15,000 of additional monies being returned to the village. This will help offset the many losses in revenue that have occurred over the past several years as many local, state and government funding sources have been significantly reduced or lost. For example, the Local Government Fund provided by the state has decreased over 30% resulting in a $7,900 loss in revenue this past year. The elimination of the Estate Tax will result in an average yearly loss of over $38,000 (based upon Estate Tax collected between 2001 and 2010). These losses are significant when one considers that for fiscal year 2012 Riverlea had an estimated $186,204 in total revenue collected.

What will cost of the increase be? To calculate the exact cost of this 0.65 mill increase to you as a Riverlea homeowner, take the taxable value of your home per the Franklin County Auditor website (NOT the market value) and multiply that value by 0.65 and then divide by 1000. For example, if your home's taxable value on the website is $100,000 X 0.65 = $65,000/1000 = $65.00 additional taxes that would go directly to Riverlea's General Fund.

If you have any questions about this issue, please attend the 7:00 pm, June 18, 2012 Riverlea Council Meeting at the Thomas Worthington High School Library. Council will be happy to address your concerns before taking a final vote on recovering the remainder of Riverlea's inside millage for the direct benefit of the village.

Draft highlights from the May Council meeting

Riverlea Fun Run. Rachael Kingrey and Cordelia Noonan gave a presentation for a Riverlea Fun Run that they are organizing with the help of Regan Macerollo. The one-mils run will be held June 2, 2012 at 9:30 am and includes children and adults. There will be registration fees and they will supply some t-shirts, snacks and water. They asked Council for $300 toward the supplies. They will also ask local businesses for support. Any profits will be donated to the Worthington food pantry. Council agreed to assist (see enclosed flier).

Mayor. Reported that the Riverlea Fun Run registration is progressing nicely; people have volunteered to help monitor the streets during the run. He contacted the parties responsible for the cement wash in the streets and asked that they be more careful. A resident brought up some drainage issues. The Street Commissioner will contact him when we are closer to construction and work toward resolving the issue.

Marshal. Reported 317 checks with no warnings or citations issued.

Sreet Commissioner. Reported he received the CMOM report from Burgess & Niple, part of the EPA's Findings and Orders. A copy will be put on the Village website. Radico checked out the lift station and fixed a stop flow problem

Committee on Infrastructure. Reviewed financial projections for the Village through 2017. Additional funding will be needed starting in 2014 to continue the infrastructure work. Eric MacGilvray and Jacalyn Slemmer met with a representative from MORPC regarding grants and found we had an 18-20 month window to use grant money, so we can get started on the application sooner than expected. Before getting funding, the design stage for the streets and infrastructure must be completed. They will work on the timeline, substantiation of capital project needs and funding.

Committee on Ordinances. Reported they reviewed Chapter 150 Building Regulations, and Chapter. 151, Zoning Code. Most of Chapter 150 was deleted for simplification and ease of use. The Zoning Code will take more time to review. They will consider why these ordinances were enacted. They will review the solicitation ordinance in light of recent changes.

Committee on Communications. Reviewed the major forms of communications. They want to help reduce costs of the Newsletter by having residents who view it online to opt out of receiving the paper copy or obtaining business sponsorship of publication. They will discuss other ways of encouraging resident participation in the community and getting time-sensitive information out to residents.

Resolution No. 2012-06 to Request the Franklin County Budget Commission to Grant the 0.65 Mills in Available Inside Millage to the Village of Riverlea, Ohio. The Village's revenues have been declining due to the reduction of the Local Government Fund and the ending of the estate tax. Expenses have increased. If we do not use this inside millage, then another entity probably will and the residents will be paying money that will not stay in the Village. The inside millage does not require voter approval; however, Council wants to make sure residents understand why we are doing this and that they agree. They will get this information out to them and answer any questions residents may have.

July 4 picnic. Council discussed fiscal restraint and upcoming financial obligations vs. the importance of community celebrations such as the picnic. They decided to support the picnic and to rent a tent, tables, and chairs. The Mayor will check into the cost of barbeque meat and will buy hotdogs if the barbeque is too expensive.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Recreation planner needed

Do you like to plan parties? Then the Village needs you. The most immediate need is to plan the July 4 picnic. If you can help, please contact Kirk McHugh (547-3037).

July 4 picnic at 2:00 pm at the Circle

The traditional Riverlea July 4 picnic will be held on the Village Circle at 2:00 pm, July 4. Each family should bring a dish to share, plates and silverware, and something to drink. The Village will furnish either barbeque meat or hot dogs. We need help planning games for children. Please contact Kirk McHugh (547-3037) if you can help.

Riverlea community garage sale August 4, 2012

Karen McElmurray is coordinating a community garage sale, August 4, 2012, 9:00 am-4:00 pm. No permit is needed. If you want to participate or help, contact Karen at 463-7788.

Infrastructure Committee update

The committee is researching streets, storm sewers, water lines and sanitary systems improvements to determine what capital projects will be potentially necessary from 2012-- 20. It will research funding mechanisms to complete the projects. It will provide three scenarios of work to be done and the cost. It will break forecasts into per $100,000 home value so residents will have an idea of how the work will impact them directly.

Mother's helper

If you are trying to plant a garden, work from home, or need a nap but your kids are holding you back, then call Regan Macerollo. She is 10 years old and going into 5th grade at Evening Street Elementary and she loves playing with kids. Who: Regan Macerollo; What: a mother's helper; When: summer 2012; Contact: 614-781-0299 or amaarm@earthlink.net


The Teach family name was misspelled in the May Update to the Directory, mailed with the May Riverlea News. The correct spelling is: Teach.

Trash Collection

Regular Riverlea collection day is Monday. Local Waste Services observes six holidays. Local Waste Services now has a contact person for residents' questions regarding trash, yard waste and recycling pickup. Local Waste Services Guidelines are available [pdf] or contact Eric DeHays, Municipal Account Manager, at 614 348-3403 for any questions.


Trash collection day is on Monday. If a holiday falls on Monday, collection is the next day. The holiday schedule is published below:

2017 'Holiday' Trash Collection Day

New Years Day
Memorial Day (5-29-2017)
July 4
Labor Day (09-04-2017)
Thanksgiving Day (11-23-2017)
Christmas Day / New Years 2018
Monday, 01-02-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 05-30-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 07-03-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 09-05-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 11-20-2017 & Monday, 11-27-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 12-26-2016 / Tuesday, 01-02-2018 (Note Day Changes)

Service Guidelines

Mark your 2012 calendar for our Village Council Meetings

All scheduled 2012 Village Council meeting dates and locations are available on the Council Meeting Schedule

See Residents Home page for more calendar items

Villagers may place classified ads. Professional services ads are not accepted. Ads must be of reasonable length; they are edited as needed to fit the space. Letters should be no more than about 200 words and must be signed. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Please submit electronically or by mail to News Editor, 263 Melbourne, or RiverleaNews@riverleaohio.com
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