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Riverlea NewsOctober 2012

Steve Mershon, Solicitor, to retire

Steve Mershon, the Village Solicitor, will retire. Steve, who is a former resident of Riverlea, has served the Village for 27 years with the last 16 as Solicitor. He has a BA degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene College, 1977; a JD from The Ohio State University, 1981; and an MBA from Ohio University, 1996. Steve lives in Granville, Ohio, where he has his practice that specializes in business. We will miss his wealth of knowledge as well as his professionalism.

Leah Reibel, Esq., candidate for Solicitor

At the September Council meeting the Mayor introduced Ms. Leah Reibel as a candidate for the position of Solicitor. Retiring Solicitor Mershon gave the Mayor a list of four possible candidates. The Mayor believed Ms. Reibel was the strongest candidate. She lives and works in Worthington and has previously assisted the Village in legal matters. Ms. Reibel spoke about her experience as an attorney. She has been an attorney since 1991. Currently, she is active in the Worthington Chamber of Commerce. She was counsel to the City Council of the District of Columbia, in charge of legislation. Since she lives across High Street from the Village, she is familiar with Riverlea.

Council committees continue work

Committee on Infrastructure submitted the SCIP application to MORPC. The application was for $665,000. There was a chance of getting a grant of $200,000. If the grant does not come through, we can increase the loan amount. The Committee will start working on the CDBG grant due next month. Again, many thanks to Bill Charles and Briggs Hamor for their efforts.

Committee on Ordinances will discuss the next steps to changes in Chapter 150, Building Code, and Chapter 151, Zoning Code. Mike Jones proposed starting over with Chapter 151, Zoning Code, by using Worthington’s code as a starting point. After the Committee members give their input on both chapters, Council will decide what changes to make.

Committee on Communications is discussing revising the website and changing the layout and content of the Newsletter; perhaps going to quarterly publication with a monthly highlight sheet in order to save money.

FAQ from the Planning Commission available

The new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide is available on the website. It is sure to be a big help to residents who plan to remodel or do construction.

Halloween Party October 31, Beggar’s Night

The traditional Halloween party will be held at the Circle on Riverglen from 6-8:00 pm. We will serve hotdogs and cider. To reduce expenses, we are asking residents to donate hotdogs, buns, and cider. Council has allocated $150 as a backup in case donations don’t cover the costs.

Won’t you help out? If you are willing to donate or assist with the party, please contact Kirk McHugh, 547-3037. In the past the Halloween party has been fun for adults as well as children. We encourage costumes.

We need a recreation planner

The Village needs someone to plan the three recreational events that are a Riverlea tradition: the Easter egg hunt, the July 4 picnic, and the Halloween Beggar’s night party. All these events take place at the Circle on Riverglen and are funded by Council. The Recreation planner will help organize the events and seek others to help. Riverlea residents have always been generous with their time and talents.

So if you like to plan social gatherings for both adults and children, please contact Kirk McHugh or any Council member. This would be a fine way to contribute to Riverlea and make new friends within the community.

Remember to vote November 6

Although no officials are on the ballot for Riverlea, remember to vote in the November 6, General Election. Residents vote at the Worthington United Methodist Church, 600 High Street. Those returning ballots by mail must postmark them no later than Monday, November 5. $.65 postage is required. Issues 53 and 54 may be of special interest because the Village is in the Worthington School District.

Mosquito spraying

The Mayor reports that the West Nile Virus has appeared in Riverlea but it is too late now to schedule mosquito spraying. The Village is on the Do Not Spray list and he will have us removed from the list since the virus is a serious health issue. This list is separate from the individual household do not spray list which will stay as is. However, when there is a health threat, the lists are no longer valid and the county sprays everywhere.

Friends of Riverlea on Facebook

The Friends of Riverlea Facebook page is a closed group which only members can see. If you would like to join the group, just go to Friends of Riverlea on Facebook and click the request to join button. For details or more information, please contact Kathy McClintock at kpmcc@aol.com

In memory of

Village residents were saddened to learn of the death of former Riverlea resident, Bill Bartels. He passed away on September 22, 2012 in Bradenton, Florida. He is survived by his wife, Jean.

Deer Riverleans,

Our Mayor, Kirk McHugh, asked that I write about deer repellents.

No pun intended, my garden is dear to my heart. Let’s be realistic, however, and understand that gardens and critters go hand in hand. When we first moved to Riverlea almost 25 years ago, I developed a passion for hostas. They grow well in shade and there are endless varieties. At almost the same time, I developed an extreme dislike for our deer population. They ate my hostas as though they were at a Denny’s all-you-can-eat salad bar. Thoughts of venison raced through my mind.

I’ve mellowed over the years. It’s hard to look into the eyes of a fawn, and feel anything but peace and harmony. But it’s also difficult to look at a prized hosta specimen chewed to the ground. I’ve served on the board of the National Gardening Association for almost a decade and was vice president of communications for ScottsMiracle-Gro. Over the years, I’ve learned some things about gardening; namely that a gardener’s job is at best a referee, observing the game between plant and predator, and when possible calling a foul.

Speaking of “foul,” I like to use Liquid Fence, a product that works for me, creating harmony between gardener and deer. Liquid Fence is indeed a foul smelling mixture of putrescent whole egg solids, garlic powder and sulfate. Some who read this may not be able to stomach the stench. I usually apply it in the evening and the odor is thankfully gone by morning. It’s also somewhat costly at $40 for 40 ounces of concentrate (it does go on sale occasionally at local garden centers).

I dilute 4 ounces in my one-quart sprayer and that pretty much covers my hundreds of hostas. For me, a $4 investment seems reasonable. I spray every couple of weeks. I know when I need to spray because the deer let me know by sampling a few plants. The product seems to be “waterproof” but I usually follow up after a heavy rain.

Now I have the best of both worlds. The deer are on my property almost every day. The bucks are currently sparring for leadership positions. The fawns have outgrown their spots but are still nursing. The herd is a daily source of peaceful diversion. I would be happy to answer any specific questions, or even offer a demo.

Kerry Bierman, 5757 Olentangy Boulevard

Additional Information

Liquid Fence
From Liquid Fence, deer repellent products and a deer repellent safety data sheet.
Customer comments… pro and con from Daves Garden about Liquid Fence.
Organic Gardening reports that Liquid Fence is sold as an organic, all natural product.

National Gardening Association
The National Gardening Association is a non-profit organization working to renew and sustain the essential connection between people, plants, and the environment.

Deer Pro
A professional deer repellent product possibility. Note: DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent is for sale and use by licensed professionals only.

Tips for fall

Trash Collection

Regular Riverlea collection day is Monday. Local Waste Services observes six holidays. Local Waste Services now has a contact person for residents' questions regarding trash, yard waste and recycling pickup. Local Waste Services Guidelines are available [pdf] or contact Eric DeHays, Municipal Account Manager, at 614 348-3403 for any questions.


Trash collection day is on Monday. If a holiday falls on Monday, collection is the next day. The holiday schedule is published below:

2017 'Holiday' Trash Collection Day

New Years Day
Memorial Day (5-29-2017)
July 4
Labor Day (09-04-2017)
Thanksgiving Day (11-23-2017)
Christmas Day / New Years 2018
Monday, 01-02-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 05-30-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 07-03-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 09-05-2017 (Note Day Change)
Monday, 11-20-2017 & Monday, 11-27-2017 (No Change)
Tuesday, 12-26-2016 / Tuesday, 01-02-2018 (Note Day Changes)

Service Guidelines

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