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Code Red Emergency Notification System

Worthington Police Chief Mosic made a presentation at the November Council meeting about the Code Red Emergency Notification System. Worthington contracts with Code Red to provide the city with the ability to deliver emergency or important messages quickly to Worthington and Riverlea residents. This is done by text messages or phone calls. Residents are asked to register to make sure they are included.

Streets and sewers

The sanitary sewer project has been completed on schedule and the manhole lining has also been completed and passed inspection. The street and curb repair on Crescent is under way and Pioneers will be re-graded to correct standing water in front of a driveway.

Council noted the unique circumstances under which a homeowner on W. Southington had to replace the wye in the sanitary sewer line. Council agreed to make an exception and reimburse the homeowner for part of the costs incurred. The sewer project was underway and a delay could have resulted in additional costs and difficulties for the Village. Council decided to reimburse the homeowner $5,047.43, which included overtime costs.


  • Clerk-Treasurer. Pam Colwell's resignation is effective February 1, 2014. Resident Josh Mehling has expressed an interest in the position and has been learning about the job. Council supports him for the position even though he cannot be appointed until January.
  • Council members. Effective January 1, 2014, four Council positions are vacant, Mike Blanchard and Jeff Colwell were elected to fill two of them; others will be appointed.
  • Planning Commmission. Effective January 1, 2014, 2 positions are vacant.

Expenses approved

$300 American Legal Publishing - Code of Ordinances internet renewal
$285 Ohio Municipal League 2014 dues; $20 EPA storm water discharge fee
$39 W2/1099 tax software Lift station cleaning not to exceed $1,600


After more than ten years as the editor of the Riverlea News and more than 120 editions, I am retiring at the end of December 2013. During this time the News has grown and developed and now includes the Riverlea News Quarterly. It has been a privilege to work with so many of you to strengthen and help Riverlea thrive. I know the tradition will continue.
Lois Yoakam

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