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Riverlea Resident Census Information

Thank YOU for helping to keep the RIverlea Records accurate and up-to-date!

The Village of Riverlea is gathering information to communicate with Riverlea residents. We anticipate using this information to allow for the announcement of Riverlea News from our Village Council for special events and meetings; to be able to timely convey developments in our Infrastructure repairs and renovations; and to provide emergency communications. Please know that by signing up for the Riverlea Email List, you are agreeing to receive email from Riverlea for the above stated uses and for any use deemed appropriate by the Riverlea Village Council. In addition, please be aware that since Riverlea is a government entity, our information must be released to any person(s) who request it as public information.

Please go to Riverlea Resident Contact Information to provide your most recent accurate information. Unless the entire household uses one email and/or one cell phone, each person in a household should fill out this form for themselves.

If you have any questions about the Riverlea Census or about Riverlea Communications, please feel free to contact the Riverlea Communications Committee

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