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Broken sewer.

Sewer line being repaired.

Sewer line being repaired.
302 West Riverglen Water Leak & Sanitary Sewer Repair:

The hole in the 8" sanitary sewer in front of Jack Schaer's house at 302 W Riverglen was repaired Saturday Morning, 10/10/2009.

Repairs were made by Waterworks, and were inspected and approved by Franklin County Water & Sewer Dept (Lee Paugh). The repair work began at 7:30 am and was completed around 1:00 pm. A 26" long section of the original 1925 8 inch vitrified clay pipe sewer was cut out and replaced with SDR35 PVC pipe and Firmco couplings.

To the right are three pictures. First shows the hole in the sewer that caused the wash out and street collapse following the water line break which occurred a September 28. Second shows the exposed clay sewer cutting out process. Third shows the repaired section.

The repaired section was re-bedded with new clean #57 gravel, and the excavation refilled with #57 gravel to just below the section of 6 inch waterline that was repaired on Thu 10/08/09 (the day the street caved in). Steel plates were re-installed over the hole and coned off to divert traffic.

As for the water line break, the break was in the 6 inch main line, (not in Jack's service tap). It was noted during the sewer repairs that the water line repair was still leaking a bit at the ends of the band clamp installed by Cols Water. This needs to fixed. We also noted water leaking into the excavation from just below the east end of the 6 inch water main, indicating there is an additional upstream leak, either in the 6 inch main or a 2 inch service later tapped off the main east of the excavation. Cols Water needs to be advised of these problems so repairs can be made before the street in repaired.

Per agreement between Waterworks and Cols Water, Cols Water will be responsible for completing the necessary street repairs/re-paving.

The sections of sewer line east and west of the broken section will need to be re-jetted, flushed and videotaped next week to get remaining mud and gravel out of the sewer and make sure the it's flowing free and clear and that there are no other cracked or broken sections of line. Waterworks is scheduled to be doing this on Tuesday, 10/13/09.

We will also need to eventually jet-clean/vacuum the remaining runs downstream of this area (to the Boulevard and southward towards the lift station) to get all the mud and gravel out of these lines.

I will be away on vacation Sunday 10/11 through Saturday 10/17, but can reached if needed on my cell phone: 614-403-3733. (no email access next week).

Waterworks is to be commended for their fine work and quick response to this emergency repair. Also, thanks to Franklin County for their advice and assistance, and kudos to Pam Colwell for all her help on Thursday and Friday.

Bill Charles
Riverlea Street Commissioner
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