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Village Council Meetings

Regular Meeting:
November 20, 2017 at 7:00 pm
See Agenda
Thomas Worthington High School Room 127 or library
300 West Granville Rd, Worthington, OH 43085
Scheduled 2017 meeting list.

Council News



Columbia Gas information sheet [PDF] for upcoming gas structure upgrades.
Infrastructure Update: Identified landscape elements [PDF] that will be effected by infrastructure update.
Infrastructure Update: What to Expect During Construction

The Village of Riverlea is gathering information to communicate with Riverlea residents. Please fill out the Riverlea Resident Contact Information form on this website.

Members of Council

Village Mayor

Eric MacGilvray.
Eric MacGilvray
Term: Jan 2016-Dec 2019
5840 Falmouth Court
village phone:

Council President

Scott Gordon.
Scott Gordon
Term: Jan 2016-Dec 2019
5804 Pioneers Court
phone: 614-888-2301

Village Clerk

Clerk Treasurer Josh Mehling.
Clerk-Treasurer: Josh Mehling
Term: Apr 2012-Mar 2016
230 West Riverglen Drive
phone: 614 949-2093
Public Record Information


Village Solicitor, Leah Reibel.
Village Solicitor, Leah Reibel
7100 N. High Street, Suite 307
Worthington, OH 43085
Solicitor: Information
website: L Leah Reibel, LLC

Council Members(in term order)

Marc Benevento .
Marc Benevento
Term: Jan 2016-Dec 2017
5704 Olentangy Blvd.
phone: 614 284-0975

Josh Schoenberger.
Josh Schoenberger
Term: May 2015-Dec 2017
250 West Riverglen Drive
phone: 614 224-0531

Jacalyn Slemmer.
Jacalyn Slemmer
Term: Jan 2014-Dec 2017
93 West Riverglen Drive
phone: 614 595-4110

Kathy McClintock.
 Kathy McClintock
Term: Jan 2014-Dec 2017
171 West Riverglen Drive
phone: 614 800-6201

Chad Lowe.
Chad Lowe
Term: Jan 2016-Dec 2019
175 West Sourthington Avenue
phone: 614 634-0736

What is the Council?

As given in the Riverlea Village Ordinances, Riverlea is a non-charter Village, the officials of which include a Mayor, six Council members, and a Village Clerk-Treasurer; all elective and all serving terms of four years.

The Mayor shall be the chief conservator of the peace within the municipality, and shall have the powers and duties provided by law; and shall be the President of the Legislative Authority, presiding at all regular and special meetings thereof, but shall have no vote except in case of a tie.

The six members of Council, including the Council President, constitute the Legislative Authority and shall have the management and control of the finances and property of the municipality.

A Village Solicitor is appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council.

Other Village officials include a Street Commissioner, a Marshal, Web Manager and a planning commission, all appointed by the Mayor with the approval of Council.