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The Riverlea Marshal

Riverlea Marshal: none

As provided by Riverlea Ordinance 07-2009, Section 34.03, the duties of our Marshal are as follows:

The Marshal shall, under the direction and control of the Mayor, have the following responsibilities:
  1. to act as liaison between the Village officials and residents and the police agency providing police protection services within the Village, to report periodically to the Legislative Authority on the activities of such police agency within the Village and to assist the police agency in communication with the Village and its residents;
  2. to inform residents of municipal ordinances applicable to their activities or to properties under their ownership and control, and of perceived violations of such ordinances;
  3. to recommend to the Mayor and Village Council that enforcement activities be undertaken for perceived violations of such ordinances;
  4. to perform such other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by this code or other action of the Legislative Authority; and
  5. to assist in the performance of the Mayor's obligations to see that the laws of the Village are enforced, when requested by the Mayor.
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