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Special Council Meeting

July 27, 2015

The Council of the Village of Riverlea met on the above date at 230 W Riverglen Drive, Riverlea. The following Council members were present: Mayor Kirk M. McHugh, Michael A. Blanchard, Jenny D. Jones, Eric A. MacGilvray, Scott K. Gordon, Josh Schoenberger, and Jacalyn Slemmer. Also present were Joshua C. Mehling, Clerk-Treasurer and L. Leah Reibel, Solicitor. At 7:04 pm the Mayor called the meeting to order.

Repeal of Resolution 2015-12

Jones moved and Slemmer seconded the motion to repeal Resolution 2015-12, A Resolution Requesting the County Auditor to Certify to the Village Information Needed to Enable the Village to Pass a Bond Issue, and to Declare an Emergency. The Franklin County Auditor’s office disagreed with the language in this resolution. The motion passed unanimously (6-0).

Ordinance 06-2015

Schoenberger moved and Jones seconded the motion to remove Ordinance 06-2015, An Ordinance Declaring the Necessity of Issuing Bonds, Submitting the Question to the Electors of the Village, and Declaring an Emergency from the table. The motion passed unanimously (6-0).

MacGilvray stated that he had spoken with a representative from MORPC, who had assured him that requesting the full $7 million would not harm the village’s chances of receiving financial aid in any way. The Clerk Treasurer stated that he had spoken with Dennis Schwallie, Bond Counsel from Dinsmore & Shohl about the interest rate stated in the ordinance and felt comfortable with a rate of 4.25%

Jones moved and Schoenberger seconded the motion to revise Ordinance 06-2015 to include an interest rate of 4.25%. The motion passed unanimously (6-0). Schoenberger moved and Blanchard seconded the motion to waive the three readings of this resolution, so that it could get on the November ballot. The motion passed unanimously (6-0). Jones moved and Schoenberger seconded the motion to adopt this resolution. The motion passed unanimously (6-0).

Council agreed to set a special meeting to approve the ordinances for the general fund and the infrastructure project on Monday, August 3 at 6:30 at 230 W Riverglen.


There being no further business, Slemmer moved and Blanchard seconded the motion to adjourn. The motion was approved unanimously (6-0). The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Kirk M. McHugh, Mayor

Joshua C. Mehling, Clerk of Council

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