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Public Records PolicyPolicy Download [PDF]

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction - Establishment of procedures that will be utilized by the Village of Riverlea for the management of its records.
  2. Defining Public Records - According to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC)
  3. Records Management Lifecycle - Presented visually and written.
    1. Creation and/or Receipt
    2. Distribution and Use
    3. Storage and Retrieval
    4. Destruction
    5. Archives
  4. How Long Do We Keep Records?
    1. Non-Record
    2. Transient/Transitory Records
    3. Short Term Records
    4. Long Term Records
    5. Indefinite Records
    6. Permanent Records
  5. Village's Records Retention Schedule -- An articulation and categorization of the aforementioned principles in establishing retention periods.
  6. Email Guidance
    1. Is Email a Record? Well That Depends...
    2. What is Email?
  7. Public Officials and Email
    1. Public Meetings
    2. Public Records
    3. Rules of Civil Procedures
  8. Procedures for Public Records Requests
    1. How to Make a Request
    2. Processing Requests
    3. Costs and Transmittal
    4. Denial of a Request