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Village Council Resolution No. 2014-05

Former Clerk Treasurer Pam Colwell.


Introduced by Mayor McHugh.

WHEREAS, Pamela M. Colwell will soon complete almost ten years ofcontinuous service to the residents of the Village of Riverlea, Ohio, including the last six years as Clerk-Treasurer; and

WHEREAS, Pamela M. Colwell has generously and selflessly given her time and talents to serve and protect the interests ofthe Village of Riverlea and its residents, and

WHEREAS, Pamela M. Colwell has maintained the records and finances of the Village of Riverlea in good order, and in so doing has helped to document village business as well as promote and maintain a balanced budget for the common good ofthe Village; and

WHEREAS, in these and other efforts, Pamela M. Colwell has provided considered, thoughtful and measured commentary to the Council, to other Village officials, and to the citizenry, all with a remarkable spirit ofcollegial professionalism, and has thereby exemplified the ideal of public service.


Section 1. On behalf ofthe citizens of the Village of Riverlea, Ohio, the Village Council hereby offers its gratitude, appreciation and thanks to Pamela M. Colwell for her numerous years of service on Village Council and as Clerk-Treasurer ofthe Village of Riverlea and for her dedication and efforts on behalf of the residents of the community.

Section 2. On behalf ofthe citizens ofthe Village of Riverlea, Ohio, the Village Council hereby declares March 1, 2014 as Pamela M. Colwell Day in the Village of Riverlea.

Section 3. EFFECTIVE DATE. That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after the earliest date permitted by law.

Section 4. EMERGENCY. That this Resolution is declared to be an emergency measure, effective upon passage, and immediately necessary for the preservation of the health, peace, safety and welfare ofthe residents ofthe Village ofRiverlea. Such emergency exists in that the residents of the Village need such services immediately, and such services could not be obtained from the Columbus City Attorney's Office, but for the immediate effectiveness of this Resolution. Accordingly, this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after the earliest date permitted by law after its passage.

Section 5. OPEN MEETINGS. This Council finds and determines that all formal actions ofthis Council concerning and relating to the passage of this Resolution were taken in an open meeting ofthis Council and that all deliberations ofthis Council that resulted in those formal actions were in meetings open to the public in compliance with law.

Section 6. PUBLICATION. That pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 731.25, the Council ofthe Village of Riverlea hereby determines that publication of this Resolution in a newspaper is unnecessary and does hereby determine that this Resolution shall be published by posting copies hereof in the five following places which are determined to be the five most public places in the Village of Riverlea, Ohio:

  1. The Circle on West Riverglen Drive.
  2. The Ravine Park on West Riverglen Drive.
  3. The Northwest comer ofBeverly Place and Dover Court.
  4. Lot 75 on West Riverglen Drive.
  5. Lot 7 on West Southington Avenue.
Copies ofthis Resolution shall be posted continuously in the above-mentioned places for a period offifteen (15) days and at the expiration thereof this Resolution shall become effective.

Passed this 18th day of February, 2014.

Kirk McHugh, President of Council


Josh Mehling, Clerk-Treasurer

I hereby certify that on the 19th day of February 2014, I posted a copy of the above Resolution in each ofthe five places heretofore designatJd by Council as the most public places in the Village ofRiverlea and that the same remained there posted continuously for fifteen (15) days.

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