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Riverlea, OH

Riverlea is an incorporated village in Franklin County, Ohio, United States of America. It is surrounded on three sides (North, South and East) by Worthington, Ohio. On its West border lies the Olentangy River, across which is Columbus, Ohio.

Riverlea was incorporated in 1939, on former farmland. It has its own government consisting of an elected Mayor, 5 member elected Village Council and elected Village Clerk. The Mayor and Council appoints a Planning Commissioner and 5 member Planning Commission, a Street Commissioner and a Marshal.

Riverlea is located at (40.081054, -83.024379) and has a total area of .2 square miles.

2010 Census Data

(from City Data)

Median household income ($) : $82,717

Population: 598
Households: 282
Family households: 147
Non-Family households: 135

White Population: 575
Asian Population: 1
Hispanic Population: 11
Multirace Population: 5
Other Population: 2

Median household income: $82,717
Median house or condo value: $269,200
Median contract rent: $671
Unemployment: 1.7%
Residents below the poverty level: No data
Median resident age: 45

Males: 44.5%
Females: 55.5%

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