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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from the Planning Commission

  1. What is the zoning classification in Riverlea?
    The entire Village is zoned 'Single Family Residence' as noted in the Zoning Ordinance, Section 151.020.
  2. What is considered 'maintenance'?
    Painting, re-roofing, storm repairs, window or door replacement if similar in color & size, landscaping, and siding replacement if similar in pattern.
  3. When do I need a 'Certificate of Appropriateness'?
    Any exterior improvements which do not qualify as 'maintenance' require an application and hearing for a COA.
  4. Do I need a driveway permit?
    Only if the apron will be replaced; if so, the applicant must post a Street Bond with the Village and have the apron installed per the standard approved engineering drawings available from the Village.
  5. Does interior remodeling require a COA?
    No, not unless door or window locations change.
  6. Do storage sheds require a COA?
    No, not unless they are built on permanent foundations.
  7. How long does a COA remain in effect?
    One (1) year from the date of the meeting at which approval was granted.
  8. Where do I get a building permit?
    After receiving and signing the COA, building permits are applied for at the Franklin County Building Department.
  9. Do I need a COA for a deck or patio?
    Yes. And if you are replacing an existing deck or patio you still need a COA if the replacement is larger than the original.
  10. Where can I place a dumpster during remodeling?
    Trash dumpsters & enclosures and portable storage units may only be on the property in the driveway behind the front yard setback line; in the rear of the house between the side yard setback lines; or in a location as approved by the Planning Commission.
  11. What type & height of fence can I install?
    See 'Fence Checklist' form on the website & see the Zoning Ordinance, Section 151.040 for additional information and requirements.
  12. Due to time restraints, can we still get on the next meeting agenda, or can a special meeting be scheduled?
    No, meetings and filing deadlines are per the schedule published on the website and available from the Village Clerk.
  13. Can I get a preliminary review and feedback on my proposed remodeling?
    Yes, any project can be submitted to the Planning Commission for review, and either tabled until a complete application is prepared, or it may be withdrawn.

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